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Leveled is a full-service welding and metal fabrication company located in Monee, IL, serving the greater Chicagoland as well as Northwest Indiana. From small parts to large, we provide top-quality work in our state-of-the-art welding facility, or on-site with our mobile fleet.

Welding Techniques

Our team of experts provides a wide variety of heavy commercial and industrial welding services — small projects to complex construction. Our bonded and certified technicians continually educate themselves on the newest technologies and are equipped for all manner of welding needs.
Industrial Welding Company
Mig welding is a low cost process used to weld all types of metals and alloys. Very conducive to higher welding speeds and deposition rates than other processes with little post-weld clean up required. With the proper equipment this type of welding can be performed in all types of positions, though the equipment is more complex and less portable.

Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), this process can be used to join nearly all metals at a very high quality. One of the benefits of tig welding is the ability to weld without using filler metal, however, the travel speeds and deposition rates are low which makes this a more costly process.

Stick Welding, or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is one of the most common and cost-effective arc welding processes. It’s a really forgiving process in terms of the environment of work, suitable for most metals and alloys and is less affected by wind or rain.

Plasma cutting is a process we turn to when we need to cut fast with precision cut quality. Since the gases used aren’t highly flammable, it also offers a safer process which is a concern in certain work environments.

Brazing is the technique of using a metal filler to create a joint between two base metal pieces. Technically, not welding, but it has its place and in certain situations can create a stronger bond than traditional welding.

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Welding Applications

We’re well versed and fully equipped to take on any welding job you’d request. Find a few of our most common welding applications below.

Pipe welder

Pipe Welder

Pipe welding is the process of joining two pipes together using various welding methods such as Stick Welding, MIG & TIG welding, and various other welding and fabrication techniques.

Tank welder

Tank Welder

As tank welders, we can fabricate to spec or repair existing tanks using various welding techniques and other processes like grinding, buffing, and chipping. Typically, we work with material containers and tanks used for fluid storage.

Hard surfacing

Hard Surfacing

Also known as hardfacing, this process attaches a stronger metal to a base material in order to create more of a wear-resistance on metal parts using a variety of welding procedures such as: arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, or plasma or laser welding.

Welding Metal Types

Metal Types

We work with steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum pieces in a diverse array of dimensions. Our service trucks are outfitted with the best tools and equipment to assure we can handle any of your industrial welding needs.

What We Bring To the Table


In addition to our stellar welding experience, we also offer an array of complementary services such as full-service metal fabrication amongst others. We’re a one-stop-shop which saves you time and money


Have an emergency? We will be there when you need us. We are always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We do not outsource our services and you will speak directly to ownership or those performing your services.


Regardless of your company size, we can assist in saving you time and money by providing a consistent work force familiar with your business and its needs.


You come first. ALWAYS. We believe in good communication, being super responsive, and see ourselves as an extension of your business. Helping you keep your business running IS our business.

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We have had the folks over at Leveled work on variety of projects over the years. We only have praise for their welding and metal fab services. We will never use anyone but Leveled. 5 star service and communication.

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